Enhance the knowledge, skill and attitudes // Acquire theoretical and practical knowledge
// Promote the exchange of experiences // Improve the institutional capacity.



To enhance higher-education quality

To improve the higher -education quality and its relevance for the labour market and society of Cambodia as well as the Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) through offering Master´s Programmes in Sustainable Agriculture (MSA) and 

To build capacity of the young universities in Cambodia by providing advance training courses (ATC), collaborating and networking with appropriate national and international partners to be a multi institutional research and education center.


To develop human resources

The project favours countries that really need help for capacity building for education and research, like Cambodia where human resources are insufficient (less than 10% of University staff are holding PhDs). Thus, UNICAM will promote the exchange of experiences among participants and interdisciplinary cooperation.

To build university capacity

As agriculture should be studied at a large scale, UNICAM has associate partners form Thailand and Japan that can contribute no only to additional scientific expertise, but also additional funds for the project.

These objectives will be achieved through implementing comprehensive curriculum of Master´s programme in Sustainable Agriculture (MSA) and advance training courses (ATC) at young universities in the rural areas of Cambodia. All these actions will allow acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge to plan, evaluate and monitor sustainable agriculture products and improve the institutional capacity, in particular the capacity of management of organic agricultures and healthy foods in the country.