Expected impact of the project?

The project will contribute to the strategic goal of promoting sustainable management of the environment and its resources in one of the poorest country of SEA. We will offer a comprehensive master's programme, and conduct advance training courses (ATC) at the four young universities in Cambodia, to develop numbers of skilled people.

The expected impact of the project is more effective, inclusive and country‚Äźowned agriculture, food security and nutrition investment programmes through strengthening national capacities.

It will be achieved through four components:

1. Offering master's programme at the four universities to provide opportunities to people who live in rural areas.

2. Capacity development in the design and management of investment operations, including the various technical, economic, social and environmental dimensions of project design, project management, Monitoring and Evaluation, etc.

3. Strategic support in technical approaches (water management, seed quality assurance and nutrition) that have been prioritized by the Government and other stakeholders as critical to the development of key investments.

4. Capacity development of stakeholders’ organization to ensure inclusiveness of investment programmes and participation of these stakeholders in their design and implementation.

The project outcomes will be relevant to the following policies and initiatives:

  • Kyoto and Montreal protocols
  • World Summit on Sustainable Development, Global Earth Observation System of System initiative (GEOSS)
  • Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
  • Environmental Technologies Action Plan (ETAP)