The UNICAM project focus on the 4 public Universities in rural areas of Cambodia, recently established in the Northwest, near the Thai border (University of Battambang (UBB) and Mean Chey University (MCU)) and Southeast, near the Vietnamese border (Svay Rieng University (SRU) and Chea Sim University of Kamchaymear (CSUK)). They play very important role to develop human resources for agricultural sector at the rural areas.

Programme countries

University of Girona
(UdG – Catalonia, Spain)
Université Paul Sabatier,
Toulouse III. (UPS – France)
Ghent University
(UGent – Belgium)
Università degli Studi dell’Aquila (UNIVAQ – Italy)

Partner countries

University of Battambang
(UBB - Cambodia)
Mean Chey University
(MCU – Cambodia)
Svay Rieng University
(SRU - Cambodia)
Chea Sim University of Kamchaymear (CSUK - Cambodia)

Associated partners

The Nagao National Environment Foundation (NEF - Japan)
Region Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées (LRMP – France)
Ubon Rachathani University
(UBU - Thailand)
Higher Education Dpt from Cambodia Ministry (MoEYS)
Coordinated by University of Girona (UdG)
Consortium board members

Administrative + academic staff

UdG - Miyako Nitta (UNICAM Project manager) / Helena Guasch
UPS - Aurore Berthier / Sovan Lek
Univaq - Marco Calabrese / Anna Tozzi
Ugent - Delfien Cloet / Peter Goethals / Long Tuan
UBB - Vutha Or / Pao Srean
SRU - Serey Mardy / TUM Saravuth
MCU - Kong Vannak / Yorn Try / Nga Sam
CSUK - Than Khem / Yean Sambo

Associated partners representants

MoEYS - Bunlay Nith
NEF - Kutsugi
UBU - Kanjana Payooha
LRMP - Corinne Lamarque


EUROPE - Helena Guasch
CAMBODIA - Pao Srean

UNICAM members
  • UdG - Helena Guasch - Anna Romaní  - MªDolors Balaguer - Emili Garcia-Berthou
  • UPS - Sovan Lek - Gaël Grenouillet - Christophe Thébaud
  • UGent - Peter Goethals - Pieter Boets
  • Univaq - Anna Tozzi - Pierugo Foscolo - Michele Anatone
  • UBB - Pao Srean - Chea Ratha - Sam Rany
  • MCU - Yorn Try - Kong Vannak - Ngy Socheat - Yorn Saroeun
  • SRU - Tum Saravuth - Serey Mardy - Hem Suntrakwadh
  • CSUK - Vannaro Pin - Tara Pin - Chanda Pin